G/GN-15 scale

Series Mini-boxcab


This unique kit builds into a freelanced boxcab-type locomotive body for use on 1/24 scale, 15-inch gauge railways. It uses a chassis from the HO EMD Model 40 by Roundhouse (purchased separately), although it is quite possible other power may be adapted. The body shell comes pre-assembled from clear acrylic, with windshields and frames pre-masked. Two sheets of laser-cut parts, one sheet of cast resin parts, a formed acrylic roof, an engineer figure, and assorted metal and plastic pieces round out the kit. CA glue is recommended for resin/acrylic/metal bonds, and a strong plastic model cement (ProWeld, Bondene, etc.) for acrylic/acrylic joints. Once the acrylic body and roof are primed, any type of model paint will produce an excellent finish.(Finished pilot model shown differs slightly from kit and has added windshield wiper.)items.


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