Scale Models are still the best.

Whether you’re designing, selling property, guiding visitors, making a presentation, or showing off your work to the world, a well-crafted scale model does things computers and artists’ illustrations just can’t.

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Brian Rudko
1585 East Pender St.
Vancouver, BC V5L 1V9

Phone: 604-254-010
Fax: 604-254-1108



We work with developers, architects,
designers, museums and corporate clients.



  • Models don’t limit viewpoints or viewing angles
  • Models can be presented to any number of people
  • There is no computer presentation that must be run through
  • They consume no power and can be set up anywhere – yes, they’re even “green”!




We believe every model has an instructional or informational function, but that it can also be a work of art.  It can be made so attractive that people are drawn to it – that is what we strive to achieve with every project.  Look at these samples and check out our website and see if you don’t agree.