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Looking for custom scale
 models or displays?

Models are powerful tools that enable complex issues or ideas to be communicated in a straightforward visual presentation. A model requires no special training to be understood. In an era of “virtual reality” a physical object has a strong effect on its audience.

The models in these sample pictures are very small scale (1:500 and smaller) so they usually retain the contour lines, but there is no reason that they could not be contour cut and then smoothed for a more realistic appearance. We have those skills in house.

Pro Modelbuilders is a versatile fabrication workshop located in Vancouver, BC.  We specialize in marketing and design models for developers, architects, marketers and designers. A lot of our “sales center” models have models of golf courses represented in them. However I have never seen a golf course model for its own sake or as a design tool? Have you ever commissioned one? Would they be useful in a clubhouse setting as a guide to the course? What about a models of just one remarkable “hole”?

A word from a past client:

It was a pleasure to have had a supplier such as Pro Modelbuilders complete two very important models for us ... The Keystone model in particular presented many challenges simply by the nature of its' size and design, yet your group responded effectively and efficiently ...
Since its installation, this model has been a hit.”

Chris Tivey,
Creative Director Envisioning and Storytelling

You can find more information about our company on our website at promodelbuilders.com.

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Brian Rudko 

Pro Modelbuilders
Vancouver, BC Canada

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